Shopping place for expats - How to shop for quality dress shirts

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Are you foreigner living in Bratislava or elsewhere in Slovakia? Are you an expat? You do not understand a word, when you go shopping in Bratislava and other towns in Slovakia? You have no idea where to shop for high quality dress shirts? You are welcome to visit www.smartmen.sk and find out about high quality business shirts and casual shirts.

Shopping place for expats - How to shop for quality dress shirts

Online shopping for dress shirts

You are welcome to visit www.smartmen.sk and find out about high quality business shirts and casual shirts made in the CEE region. As we fluently speak English, we can take your order per phone on +420 725 976 766 from 9 AM till 4 PM and then confirm in writing via email. You can leave a message at info@smartmen.cz and we will come back to you later.

High quality dress shirts

We make high standard dress shirts from quality 100% cotton. The shirts are manufactured in the Czech Republic to make sure, that the stitching is precise and the environmental and labor safety requirements are fulfilled. The shirt collars are reinforced with removable collar stays. The SmartMen shirts last generally longer. As a family business established in 2011, we are committed to make the best shirts in the world. We are inspired in the shirt design by the British well known Jermyn Street, London shirt brands.

Online shopping with excellent service

SmartMen specializes in online sale and marketing. We have developed excellent customer service by providing two-year warranty and 30 days return policy if your size does not match or you just changed your mind. The customers can return the goods without any further reason within 30 days from receipt of the goods. Prices in Euros are available on the Slovak eshop www.smartmen.sk. Various shipping methods are offered. Door to door delivery or pick up on more than 1000 places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Free shipping for orders above EUR 60 in Slovakia. Payment transfer fees in Euros will not ruin you as we have the Euro account with a bank in the Eurozone.

SmartMen eshop is looking forward seeing the smart men shopping.


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